Meet the Officers!
President: Michael Greer

Michael is a Senior Mechanical Engineering major and has been an active member of the AIAA since it was reestablished in 2015. As President of the AIAA, he is responsible for directing all organization activities. From a young age, Michael has been excited about the prospects of Aerospace Engineering and wants to instill that excitement in the students at the University of Houston through the AIAA.

Vice-President: Ryan Lopez

Ryan Lopez is a senior Physics major, and has been a member of the UH chapter since 2016. As Vice President, one of Ryan's many responsibilities is the PR of the organization. With his background in Graphic Art, Ryan personally creates all of the organizations artwork and advertising. During his senior year of highschool, Ryan built his first rocket and has been passionate about aerospace ever since. Ryan believes his artwork can invoke this same passion for aerospace, and hopes it will capture the hearts and minds of his fellow students at the University of Houston.

Treasurer: Sharlyn Tijerina

Sharlyn is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student and has been an active member of the AIAA since a year after it was reestablished in 2015. As Treasurer, her duties include managing funds of the organization and acting as liaison for the organization and companies. Sharlyn is an active member of the rocket team and hopes to establish her career in aerospace.

Secretary: Andrew Advani

Andrew is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student and joined the UH section of AIAA in the Fall of 2016. As the secretary, he is in charge of keeping track of all records of the section, sending notice of meetings to members, and maintaining an up to date list of members. He has a passion for engineering and aerospace and hopes to expand the aerospace presence on campus.

Program Manager: David Smith

David Smith is the Program Manager of the AIAA. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and will be graduating Fall of 2018. He is also the Project Manager of Space City Rocketry, the High Power Rocketry Competition team. Space City Rocketry’s goal for this year is to compete and win Spaceport America Cup Summer 2018.

Event Coordinator: Trey Cormier

Junior mechanical engineering major
Been with AIAA since 2016
Wants to see the spread of aeronautics and aerospace awareness throughout campus.

Public Relations Officer: Dino Barrios

Dino is a Mechanical Engineering senior that is fascinated with the aerospace industry. Since he was a kid he always envisioned himself working on spacecrafts and to this day that is his ultimate career goal. Outside of his busy school schedule Dino loves to interact with other students, learn new languages and likes to keep up with the latest aerospace news. He chose this position because he wants to spread awareness about the aerospace community wide across Houston, and what better platform than to be the Public Relations Officer for AIAA. 

Webmaster: Daniel Kolodziejcyk

Daniel is a Junior at the University of Houston. He is a chemical engineering major, and wants to work in the aerospace industry. He is the webmaster for the AIAA University of Houston, and as such he is responsible for the maintenance and organization of the club's website.  

Outreach Coordinator: Caleb Daugherty

Caleb is a senior in the Physics department and has been an active member of the AIAA since it was reestablished in 2015. As the Outreach Coordinator, he is responsible for incorporating the club into the universities STEM outreach programs. Caleb has always had a passion for aerospace and has a long history working in military and civilian aviation.

Houston, TX 77002, USA